Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009 at The Sleaze

It's OK, I'm not going to trot out that same old line about it being Christmas Eve and 'still no offers of panto'. It's been a relatively uneventful Christmas Eve here at Sleaze Towers, mainly on account of my having taken refuge in the local cinema for several hours, watching a 3D movie. Unlike last year, my sausage rolls have turned out perfectly and I've managed to avoid last year's home made egg nog fiasco. Indeed, Little Miss Strange (perpetrator of last year's advocaat horrors), has been rather restricted on account of this wintry weather we've been suffering. Living, as we both do, at what the TV news would have us believe is the epicentre of snow-induced traffic chaos, she has found herself snowed in. Well, I say snowed in, the reality was that she refused to leave her local pub on account of the snow, demanding an all night lock-in until the mountain rescue teams arrived. When it was pointed out that the pub wasn't in a mountainous area, she proceeded to start breaking up the furniture and throwing on the fire - for warmth during the cold night ahead with now no prospect of rescue, she claimed. Not surprisingly, she found herself ejected onto the street, where she punched out two snowmen she claimed were looking at her funny. She was last seen building an igloo on the local common.

But enough about how friends and associates are doing, back to my Christmas Eve! I'm currently contemplating whether to venture back out into the rapidly melting snow for a couple of pints at my current local. On the one hand, I haven't missed a Christmas Eve out at the pub in several years. On the other, it is pretty miserable out there and I'm not sure if any other bastards will be daft enough to go out. The thought of putting my feet up in my nice warm living room and drinking some beer here whilst watching a non-festive DVD is very tempting. Whatever. There's still time to make my mind up. If nothing else, it is definitely getting warmer out there. Maybe that will sway me. Getting back to the present, I'm taking a well earned break from posting for a few days. I've got another story for The Sleaze all but ready for publication next week and I'm not back at work until the fourth of January, so I can relax on all fronts. So there you go - Winterval is officially open! Let the debauchery begin!



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