Thursday, December 17, 2009

When Will People Ever Learn...

...that I don't send Christmas cards. Every year I hope that the message will get through, and that I won't receive any of the bloody things. Indeed, as far as the post is concerned, last year I got it down to a trickle and this year, so far at least, there haven't been any. (Although there is still another week to go, I suppose - the bastards could just be luring me into a false sense of security). However, it's work that is the problem. Completely ignoring the fact that I have never given a card to anybody at work in ten years there, and despite the fact that every year I reiterate the fact that I'd really rather not receive any cards, they just keep on coming. I have drawers full of unopened cards. Really. I have. Whilst this may all seem trivial, the problem is that it can cause real friction, when you have colleagues who take it as some kind of personal affront if you don't reciprocate. Which is why, every bloody year, I try to make my position absolutely clear. But they don't bloody listen!

I can't say that my aversion to Christmas cards is based on any point of principle. There was a time that I did send them. Over the years I started to question just why I was bothering to send them. Half the people I was sending them to were, at best, acquaintances I rarely, if ever, saw in the flesh, whilst the people I did give a damn about, I was likely to see over the festive period and could, therefore, give my greetings to personally. A friend recently tried to argue that this isn't the same thing at all. I agree. I think that giving one's greetings personally is better. Unless you make your own, hand crafted cards, then what you send is a mass produced, de-personalised commercial item. I genuinely believe that any seasonal greetings one gives should be heartfelt and sincere. Which is why I confine them to people I really care about and always make them personally.

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