Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ginger Tossers

So now we can't even make fun of ginger people, eh? Tesco has apparently made one of those grovelling apologies over a Christmas card it was selling - which showed a red-haired child sat on Santa's knee with the tag line 'Santa loves all kids - even the ginger ones' - and withdrew the 'offending' item. Why? Well, because one woman (yes, just the one), complained about it, as it allegedly upset her daughter, who has ginger hair. Or, to be more accurate, her mother probably told her she should be upset. For fuck's sake - what's the world coming to when you can't take the piss out of ginger tossers? Of course, it's tantamount to racism, isn't it? Well actually, no, it isn't. Quite apart from the fact that having red hair doesn't constitute a distinct racial group or ethnicity, nobody has ever been discriminated against as a result of being ginger. I would challenge any of these militant gingers to cite a single verifiable instance of someone being denied an employment opportunity, say, as a result of their hair colour.

In reality, jokes (and that's all the Tesco card was ) about having red hair are no different to gags about being bald, having curly hair, or being fat. Mind you, in the case of the latter, fat bastards, there does seem to be a concerted campaign, spearheaded by the government and health professionals, to stigmatise them. But it is for their own good, apparently. However, I digress. It really is about time we started treating these humourless gits (be they ginger, fat or bald), who take 'offence' at the most trivial joke where to get off. The bloody woman in this case should have been told to fuck off and get a sense of proportion. The problem with pandering to this kind of thing is that, by seemingly equating jokes about ginger people with racial bigotry, it risks trivialising real racial, religious or cultural discrimination. It's precisely this sort of thing that the Daily Mail brigade jumps on to 'prove' that 'political correctness' has 'gone mad', and, by extension, that all equal opportunities legislation is unfair and unnecessary. So, let's draw a line and tell the ginger tossers to bugger off!

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