Monday, December 21, 2009

A Seasonal Sleaze Update

You know, I had no intention of ranting on about the bloody snow and the apparent inability of most people to cope with it. I'm afraid that the chaos I'd witnessed today had really pissed me off! What I had originally intended to do in the previous post was to provide an update on The Sleaze. As you may have noticed, with the publication of Fight Christmas, (which has so far been read by only one visitor - for fuck's sake, it's a decent story, give it a chance, why don't you?), we've completed our programme of pre-Christmas stories. The only other thing I intend posting over on the main site between now and Christmas is an editorial. You might also have noticed that my promised Christmas ghost story hasn't materialised. After the lukewarm reception last year's offering (undeservedly) got, I really couldn't be bothered wasting my time casting yet more pearls before swine, so to speak. I know that sounds arrogant, but sometimes I really do get pissed off with the great surfing public's apparent unwillingness to try anything even slightly different from the norm. Having said that, as I indicated earlier, Fight Christmas, a far more conventional seasonal satire has also been largely ignored. There really is no pleasing some people...



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