Friday, December 18, 2009

Let it Snow...

Well, I'm suffering my second bout of snow this year. In general, I'd say that once is more than enough. Thankfully, I finished work today for a couple of weeks, so if the bloody stuff lingers, I won't have to try and work in it. Anyway, I've cobbled together some video 'highlights' of snow falling yesterday and the few fragments of footage I snatched of local external Christmas decorations. Enjoy.

You know, every year we get to this point in December when (with, or without, snow) it feels bloody freezing, and I vow that I'll never spend another Christmas in this cold, miserable and damp country. I promise myself that I'll decamp somewhere warm for the duration. Yet, once more, here I am freezing my arse of in good old Blighty. Why? It might be something to do with my reluctance to fly. (It's not that I'm afraid of flying as such, but some years ago I had a job which involved a fair amount of transatlantic travel and, toward the end, I found that spending hours on a plane was causing me a lot of anxiety. Consequently, I haven't been on a plane in years). Or maybe I secretly enjoy this awful weather. Let's face it, December wouldn't feel like December if it wasn't this shitty. It just wouldn't feel right if I was sitting in the sun, perfectly warm, at Christmas.



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