Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thieving Bastards!

It's good to see that we still live in a law abiding country. I mean, if valuable cargo from a stricken merchant ship was washed ashore onto the British coastline, we wouldn't see people going down there by the thousand and carting the stuff off, now would we? Even if anyone was to do such a thing, they'd just be taking the stuff for safe-keeping, and would contact the real owners immediately, wouldn't they? I really was appalled to see the pictures of all those bastards swarming over the stuff washed up from the MSC Napoli on Branscombe beach. Still, it is Devon, I suppose. They're all a bit weird down there. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that it was the locals who caused the ship to run aground, by lighting fires on the beach, or whatever it is that wreckers do to lure their prey onto the rocks. Let's face it, there's probably not much else to do down there when the tourist season is over. They probably waylay lorries delivering to local supermarkets as well. They probably set up fake kebab vans in lay-bys to lure them in.

The stupidity of these people was confirmed when not only did they allow themselves to be photographed by the press, but some of them actually gave their names to the papers. Indeed, quite a few even seemed happy to give interviews and actually seemed to be proud of what they were up to! Jesus Christ! It's all very well Tony Blair going on about setting up 'Respect' zones in urban areas to try and tackle anti-social behaviour and restore law and order, but clearly Devon needs such measures even more urgently! It's also clear that it isn't young unemployed people from inner city estates who need to be taught respect for the law - one of the looters quite happily identified himself as a serving Royal Marine and gave his name to a newspaper! How reassuring it is to know that the defence of this country is in the hands of such fine and upstanding young men! Still, at least it explains why there is no looting in the bits of Iraq currently controlled by the British military - the bastards wait until they get home to do it!

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