Friday, January 26, 2007

Bugger Thy Neighbour

So those bloody left-footers don't like the idea of gay couples adopting kids, eh? What's the matter, are they worried that kids might get molested outside the vestry? Well, it shouldn't surprise anyone that they're coming out in their true homophobic colours - with a former member of the Hitler Youth at the helm, the Catholic's extremists and reactionaries have been emboldened enough to break cover. The worst part of this latest bout of gay-bashing is the way in which the C of E has joined in. Fearful of losing the support of his African bigots, sorry, Bishops, our hairy hippie of an Archbishop has decided to sell out his principles and enter into an unholy alliance with Rome. Of course, this adoption row is just the latest manifestation of this new wave of Christian homophobia. The other week we had the massed ranks of God Botherers trying to convince us that a new law to eliminate discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation was somehow a heinous attack on their religious rights. Primarily the right to be a bunch of knee-jerk reactionaries, presumably.

What really depresses me about this is the fact that Christianity is surely meant to be a religion of love. After all, didn't Jesus tell his followers to 'Love Thy Neighbour'? So, if your neighbour happens to be a gay man, surely, if you are a practicing Christian, you should be indulging in a bit of free love with him, shouldn't you? But you can be sure those Christians are a bit shy and need some encouragement. So, gay guys out there, I'm calling upon you, if you live next door to a practicing Christian or, even better, a clergyman, to go round and bugger your neighbour. Give 'em some of that universal back door love - it's what Jesus would have wanted. Trust me, you'll be surprised at how receptive many of them will be to such advances. But to be semi-serious, I really do think it a bit rich for the Catholic church to be objecting to gay adoptions on moral grounds, when it has quite happily covered up the systematic abuse of children who have been in the care of their priests and nuns. But then that's the trouble with these Holy Joes, they're all a bunch of hypocrites who are all too ready to whip up a mob to try and force their viewpoint down other people's throats. At least we atheists don't feel it necessary to try and persecute others in order to make ourselves feel more righteous. Maybe we should get more militant and burn down a few churches, eh? Or perhaps just picket them, holding up placards highlighting the various evils condoned by the church down the centuries. See how the smug bastards like it when somebody sticks it to them!



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