Tuesday, January 30, 2007

At Last - The Two Hundredth Post!

Gad, two hundred posts already! Yes folks, this is it, the two hundredth post on Sleaze Diary! Of course, the question is - what should I concern myself with in this momentous post? What burning issue of the day should form the subject matter of this great moment in blogging? The sad truth is that I've somewhat run out of steam already this week! Maybe it is this dreary weather we're having, perhaps its just the time of year generally, or maybe it is just down to the fact that I'm preoccupied elsewhere, but I'm right out of inspiration at the moment. In fact, I'm feeling very listless and somewhat dissatisfied. It is hard to put my finger on the exact reasons for this. Despite having re-started my teaching placement, I still have this nagging feeling that there's something vital missing from my life at the moment. Oh hell, I know that we all feel that way sometimes, but this is more than simply a vague feeling which I know will pass soon. It could simply be that teaching to a timetable simply emphasises the rigid routines which daily life seems to descend into. Perhaps what I need is more spontaneity.

There's no doubt that routine can destroy creativity. Although, having said that, I'm finally getting back into the groove as far as writing for The Sleaze is concerned. The only thing holding me back from finishing the next story up at the moment is lack of time - by the end of the week I should have enough to complete it and get Issue 45 underway. No, the spontaneity I need obviously lies elsewhere. I need a jump start. The trouble is that the most spontaneous person I need is being highly uncommunicative at the moment (you know who you are - read your bloody e-mails!). With, or without, their help, I really should be doing something out of the ordinary. That's probably part of the problem with teaching - that feeling of deja vu: I've done it all before. Less structure (or even stricture) in my life - maybe that's the answer. Hell, I just need to do something different, start some new project which will spark my interest and enthusiasm. The trouble is finding the time. Clearly, something has to give. Watch this space.

Hmm, not much of a two hundredth post, I know. But the alternative was whingeing on about something, or yet more demented ranting. I just don't have energy for either at the moment! I'm sure something will fire me up later in the week (it usually does), and normal service will be resumed!



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