Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An Apology

It has come to the attention of this site's management that a number of stories published on The Sleaze have been highly misleading, containing many factual errors. In fact, several of these stories have, on further investigation, turned out to be completely made up. We appreciate that this has proven very confusing for many readers. Indeed, many have found being mislead by a news source they thought they could trust quite upsetting. Sadly, this misrepresentation has been found to extend to some of the posts made here at Sleaze Diary. Again, we can only apologise to readers disappointed that several of the entries here do not, in fact, reflect actual everyday events in the life of the average sleazy webmaster. Some are actually lies.

We'd like to assure our readers that this reprehensible betrayal of their trust is being fully investigated and that the perpetrators will be severely punished. As a start, we will all be wearing hair shirts and flagellating ourselves on an hourly basis. We hope to be able to restore not just The Sleaze and Sleaze Diary to their rightful positions as trustworthy organs, but also to restore public faith in the internet as a whole as a place where you can trust everything you read. In the meantime, we'd like to apologise unreservedly to anyone who may have been mislead into believing that President Clinton's penis had been hijacked by terrorists, that the Pope was to be replaced by a porn star or that Nick Knowles had murdered several Orang-utans. We also concede that our re-arrangement of certain words may have given the impression that George Formby was a Nazi sympathiser. Finally, we wish to extend a special apology to 'Paul is Dead' conspiracists for misleading you into believing that George Harrison's ghost had confirmed Paul's replacement during a seance. This was a lie. Paul is still alive. You are still a bunch of cranks. We are very, very sorry.

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