Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bigots Kan't Spell

It's a fact I've noticed over the years. Just go onto any right wing extremist message board and you'll see what I mean, (and if you have the misfortune to be on the receiving end of any hate mail from said bigots, you'll see it even more clearly). Perhaps all those years of pent up hate actually damages those parts of the brain which deal with spelling and grammar. Or maybe they're just plain stupid. Let's face it, you have to be a moron to subscribe to the kind of bile they peddle. Anyway, as an example of their inability to write intelligible English, I present the following quote from a red neck group:


Apart from the atrocious spelling, note the fact that it is all in block capitals. Presumably this is to get over the fact that bigots also SHOUT all of the time, just to make sure their message gets over properly.

Interestingly, this particular post was a comment on one of my stories - Santa's White Supremacist Christmas to be precise. Which brings us to another issue - whether these arse heads actually grasp that such items are meant to be satirical. I have a nasty suspicion that they don't, and think that I'm also some kind of bigot. Now, I know that, on reading the story, it might seem obvious to rational beings like ourselves that the bigots are the target of the humour, but in their own warped minds, I fear that they read the story as somehow endorsing their views. I've had similar interest in from the bigots in other stories I've written which touch on the subject of race. As I say, it is all rather worrying, and makes me very wary of handling race issues in future.



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