Monday, April 02, 2007

More Musings on Morons

It is all so bloody depressing. Last year I was blithely announcing the 'Year of the Idiot' over at The Sleaze. Now that year seems set to drag into decades. There really does seem to be no end to the growth of idiocy. The latest manifestation is linked to Iran's continued detention of several British sailors who allegedly strayed into Iranian territorial waters. The news programmes and papers are now full of vox pop interviews with people denouncing the British government for not doing enough to get the released. I've lost count of the number of times I've heard some moron on the street or another demanding that we threaten Iran with military action or send the SAS in. Are you all fucking stupid? Aren't you the same wankers who are forever denouncing the government for the war in Iraq? And now you want them to start another one with Iran? Of course a lot of these interviewees are in military towns, so, if not in the services themselves, they're probably related to someone who is - in which case i should expect such cretinous comments. Let's face it, if they had any brains they wouldn't be mindless tattooed thugs for hire (or related to said thugs), would they? I just want to scream at them: listen fuckwits, you aren't paid to think, you're clearly too stupid, that's why you're cannon fodder, paid to do as you are told!

It's the same with all this clamour for Steve McClaren, the England football manger, to resign. (OK, I know that's quite a leap, from Iran detaining British sailors to football, but bear with me). Aren't all those so-called fans who are shouting abuse at him the self same ones who, after Ericsson's contract expired, were insisting that the next 'Engurland' manager should be 'Engurlesh'? So what are you complaining about, dick heads? You got what you wanted! Yet more evidence of idiocy's insidious spread. Actually, this sort of narrow-minded nationalism is yet another manifestation of modern cretinism. This new 'patriotism' you see everywhere seems mainly to be expounded by block headed morons who are too ignorant of the country they profess to love's own history and culture that they probably couldn't name any famous Briton who lived before 1950, tell you the causes of World War Two and would probably be surprised to hear that our 'Engurlesh' monarch is German. They're 'opinions', if you can call them that, are 'informed' and fuelled by the ignorance and bigotry of the likes of The Sun and the Daily Mail, with their dangerous simplification of political issues and stereotyping of anything which doesn't conform to their knee-jerk reactionary perspective as being 'un-British'.

The bottom line of all this is that I'm sick and tired of hearing these morons' monotonous voices and having their ill-informed bigotry shoved in my face. Fuck off the lot of you and take your obnoxious 'opinions' with you!

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