Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chocolate Jesus

You just can't make it up, can you? It's stories like this one - a New York gallery removes a nude study of Jesus, sculpted from chocolate, from an exhibition after protests from Catholics - which remind me just how difficult it is to keep coming up with new ideas for The Sleaze. I wouldn't mind, but this chocolate Jesus story wasn't even and April Fool's Day story! Nevertheless, despite competition from the real world, I somehow have managed to keep coming up with stories - for seven years, in fact. Indeed readers, today is the seventh anniversary of The Sleaze first appearing on the web, after a previous incarnation as a very low circulation (approximately ten at its height) print publication.

To celebrate this event, the official (I don't know why I say that, it isn't as if anyone else is going to put out an unofficial story) seventh anniversary story is now up: The Devil Comes Out. I've brought back an old favourite for this story - it features the further adventures of Britain's self-styled top vampire hunter 'Bishop' John Salford. Incredibly, the Bishop last appeared nearly three years ago, in Die, Lady Di (although there was an oblique reference to him in Queer in the Head?). In his latest set of self-delusional escapades, Salford has shifted his attention from the undead to Satanists. I think it compares well to previous anniversary stories such as last year's Great British Thrashing, or Deviants Are Forever from the year before, or even Christ Almighty from 2004. It has been suggested to me that 'Bishop' John Salford is clearly based on a certain real-life person who is very prominent in the world of British occultism. Obviously, this can't be true, as I refuse to believe that anyone so bizarre could possibly exist...



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