Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday Night Rant

You know something - I'm damned if I'm going to be lectured on economics by an organization that, until recently, was headed by a rapist. (OK, alleged rapist). I speak, of course, of the IMF and its 'approval' for 'Gorgeous' George Osborne's disastrous economic 'policies'. Which is hardly surprising, as public spending is anathema to the IMF, another of those un-elected cheerleaders for unfettered rapacious capitalism and profiteering. Actually, it's very apt that they used to be headed by an alleged rapist as, over the past few decades, they've imposed conditions on loans made to third world countries which have, effectively, allowed the rape their resources. Now they want to extend these economic sexual assaults to the developed world, starting with Greece. Let's just hope the Greek government finds some backbone and has its rape alarm and pepper spray handy.

While we're here defaming the right, what about that Vince Cable, eh? What a cock end! The latest wheeze of this discredited buffoon is to go to the GMB union's conference and effectively threaten them, (and, by extension, every other union member in the UK), that if they had the audacity to exercise their legal right to withdraw their labour in pursuit of legitimate grievances, he'll introduce legislation to restrict those rights! Remind me again Vince, how is it that you are in the 'Liberal' party? There's nothing liberal about behaving like a right wing bully boy. Of course, this is all reminiscent of William Hague encouraging military intervention in Libya to prove that he isn't gay. Clearly, Vince wants to prove that he isn't really a sad, impotent, old man who has completely destroyed his own credibility with his U-turns, broken promises, idiotic misjudgements and general cosying up to the Tories. Take my advice Vince - just take some Viagra instead, you'll look far less pathetic.

Gad, how good it is to start off the week with a bloody good barely coherent rant! I've had a very frustrating day and I want to get it out of my system now. For tomorrow, I intend to talk about breasts.



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