Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yet Another Overheard Conversation

Another slice of uninformed opinion overheard at a bus stop:

Bloke with pierced eyebrow: "I reckon they should ban those shoes which curl up at the toes - the type bloody Arab terrorists wear. I mean, that bloke on the plane, the 'shoe bomber', he was wearing them - the curled up bit means they can carry 25% more explosives than normal shoes."

Man in corduroy jacket: "Isn't that a bit racist? You could argue that platform shoes have more space for Semtex, but you don't see many Muslims wearing them under their burkas, do you?"

Woman with moustache: "That's just stupid - platform soles aren't hollow!"

Youth with raging acne: "Yeah, the Arabs have got form for it, anyway. Look at those baggy trousers they like wearing - lots of space for suicide bombers to conceal explosives. They should ban them as well!"

Man reading Daily Mail: "That's where Blair and Bush went wrong in the Gulf War, they should have made out sure they destroyed all the boot and clothing factories in Iraq - it's the only way we'll ever win the war on terror."

Fellow in trilby: "Excuse me, I think you are all wrong - it isn't Arabs who wear that sort of clobber -it's the Turks. They're on our side!"

Man reading Daily Mail: "Then they should of bombed Turkey's factories - they're obviously supporting terrorism by exporting their exploding shoes and trousers."

Bloke with pierced eyebrow: "Bloody true, mate! I've heard that Iran is building a new shoe factory - we should bloody take them out in a pre-emptive strike!"

At which point, thankfully, the bus arrived.

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