Friday, November 05, 2010

On The Road

Another one of my films - obviously not holiday related this time. This one is pieced together from various bits of footage I've shot over recent weeks from my car. Basically, I liked the intros I filmed for the last couple of holiday films so much, I decided to do a whole film in the same style:

The most difficult part of the editing process was cutting down all the stuff I'd filmed to just over three minutes, (in the end the length was dictated by the running time of the music track I'd decided to use). I suppose I should point out that the house you see at the beginning and end isn't my house. As is apparent from the film, because of parking problems on my street, I rent a space in an adjacent council car park. The house just happens to be opposite the space I usually park in. My actual house is at the other end of the street. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the film. I did.



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