Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Abattoir 2

I'm not ready to let go of this horror franchise yet - I've had some new ideas for Part Two. Forget the health food store built on the site of the old abattoir. In fact, forget that abattoir altogether. In the new Part Two, there are a series of horrible murders (naturally), all performed in the manner of a slaughter house. You know the sort of thing - electrocuted, throat cut and blood drained out, captive bolt gun, smacked over the head with a sledge hammer, I'm sure there are more, but I'm not an expert on abattoirs, for God's sake! Anyway, the killings are all carried out by someone dressed as a slaughter man and, all of the victims are people involved in the meat trade: butchers, and, er, butchers.

The twist is that the perpetrator, far from being the demonic abattoir owner of Part One, is actually one of the surviving veggies from the first film, driven mad by their experiences and now exacting their revenge on the meat trade! Pretty neat, huh? This approach has the advantage of both being a direct sequel in that involves at least one of the original characters, and is thematically linked by developing the 'meat is murder' concept from the first. This avoids the problems besetting most horror sequels: either they are simply a re-run of the first film, but cheaper, or they are merely a sequel in name only, an arbitrarily re-titled direct-to-DVD release which is vaguely similar to the original. So, having cracked the sequel, all I have to do now is sort out number three. Maybe that health food store idea does have merit...

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