Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Morons March Again

Back to the 'Paul is Dead' brigade, most specifically the freaks over on the 60IF boards. They're back to commenting on my McCartney death conspiracy satires. It seems some of them really aren't amused:

"I don't believe all this.I just don't. I think he is just not that kind of guy. (I mean him f***ing everything that moves)Seriously. That I BURIED PAUL post is just sick. Seriously. "

So, I make conspiracy nutters 'sick'? Wow! I really must write more of this stuff! If nothing else, this confirms my suspicions that obsessives really don't have a sense of humour. They're like religious nutters in that respect. Seriously folks, if you can't take a joke, you really have lost all perspective. Let's face it, if your belief system can't withstand a robust piss-take, then it really isn't up to much, is it? But back to the freaks - it seems that one of them might have some critical faculties:

"Sorry guys but I think you will find that the posts are not ezwizards fabrications, he/she (sorry) was just showing an article that some random had written, lets not go over the top and I'm sorry if my post offended anyone but hey it was a joke, get over it."

Yeah, get over it! So I'm 'some random', eh? Again, it's that conspiracy theorist arrogance coming through! If you aren't 'one of them', you can't possibly have the right to know anything of their whacked out beliefs, let alone talk about them! Fucking morons!

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