Monday, July 30, 2007

The World of Sleaze

OK, another quick round-up of what's going on - a new story finally posted on the main site: When Eight Bell Ends Toll. This completes the line up of stories for Issue 47, many of which have been drawn from material originally published here on Sleaze Diary, a situation which is likely to continue for the early part of the next issue. Posting has been a bit erratic of late, and will probably continue to do so until toward the end of August. I've got something else non-Sleaze related on which has to be completed to a deadline, so has to take priority. Looking at the news, it's good to see The Sleaze setting the agenda again. Tonight's Panorama on BBC1 is about the phenomena of kiddie fighting - something we covered last issue in Fighting For the Kids. Nice to see that we're still the first stop for TV researchers in search of a headline...

Also, another of those great 1970s (and 1980s and 90s) icons has gone. I refer, of course, to the sad passing of Mike Reid. I must admit that when I first heard that Mike Reid had died on the radio, a part of me hoped that they meant Mike Read, the former Radio One DJ and tosser. Unfortunately, it was Frank Butcher from Eastenders that they meant. So, no more will we hear him bellowing 'Riiickaaayyy' or 'Paaaahhhttt'. The end of an era. But what of the future? Well, looking forward to Issue 48, August is, of course, traditionally the 'silly season' for the media, with a lack of real news resulting in the papers and TV being full of headlines about flying saucers, the Loch Ness Monster and the like. Now, some might say that it is always 'silly season' at The Sleaze, but we're going to do our best to excel in the weirdness stakes. Keep watching...



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