Friday, August 03, 2007

Yet More Musings on Morons

With regard to the previous post and my comments about the lack of critical faculties displayed by many web-users, I direct you to this, and rest my case. Yes indeed, it's yet another bunch of dullards 'discovering' an old story (The Devil and Paul McCartney) and failing to notice (despite all the obvious clues) that it is a piece of satirical fiction. OK, I know it is nothing new, but this instance just drips with irony. These particular dullards are part of a community apparently devoted to undermining the 'Paul is Dead' nonsense (not that it requires much to refute it, other than a working intellect), demonstrating all the idiocy of their mortal enemies by taking something they find on the web at face value. The best bits come when they characterise the author (me) as some kind of nut:

"Ok, call in the NEXT WHACKO. This one is just another face in that ever-growing crowd of lost and confused dimwits. Though his story may be fascinating (to some), it's just another tale concocted in that place found somewhere between being in a deep sleep and waking up. "

Jesus, what a fucking pretentious pillock! Trust me dickhead, that story was 'concocted' (or, as I like to call it, written), in the cold light of day. But it gets better with the next idiot who posts:

"This guy sounds nuttier than the TKINers! And that's no small feat. He doesn't think Paul has aged much? Try the sagging face and the gray hair visible through the hair coloring. Granted, he does look good for his age, but so does Ringo. Maybe he made a deal with the devil as well? "

THe 'TKINers', for those of you still holding on to your sanity, are the bunch of 'Paul is Dead' pricks I usually take the piss out of (and whose ramblings inspired I Buried Paul). Now, bearing in mind that I am satirising the TKINers, is it surprising that the story doing this has to propose a conspiracy even whackier than any of theirs? And no, shit-for-brains, I don't think that McCartney hasn't aged - I'm taking the piss. Obviously taking the piss. Well, obviously to every intelligent person who has read the story (and that's quite a few thousand by now). In fact, the only other people who took it seriously are those TKINers you so love to pour scorn on.

Like I said, ironic, huh?

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