Friday, July 20, 2018

Another Rant Round Up

It's Friday and, as I enjoyed last week's rant round up so much, here's another set of mini-rants about the things which have riled me this week.  Apparently The Rock shouldn't be playing someone with an artificial leg in his latest film because, well, he has two real  legs and it's denying an opportunity to a real disabled actor.  You know, I strongly suspect that the people who come out with this sort of thing don't actually understand the whole concept of 'acting' - it's about pretending to be someone you aren't.  By their logic, then, disabled actors should never play non-disabled characters, (I recall that back in the day Herbert Marshall was a popular actor who only had one leg, yet always played two-legged characters, clearly this shouldn't have been allowed).  Gay actors can't play straight and vice versa.  If we take it to to its logical extreme, then black actors should never play characters originally written as white and female actors shouldn't play parts originally written as male. As for vampires, werewolves and aliens, well, if filmmakers can't get the real deal then they'll just have to stop making horror and science fiction movies.  It really is an utterly ludicrous idea, on a par with the idiocy of 'cultural appropriation'. 

Elon Musk - I'll just say this: a man who proposes to encase and transport young Thai boys in a plastic cylinder on the pretext that it is a 'mini submarine', is in no position to accuse anybody else of being a 'pedo'.  Donald Trump - he just gets ever more surreal, branding himself as being 'fake news' after being questioned over an interview he gave to The Sun.  Astoundingly, he made Britain's worst tabloid look like a paragon of truth.  Then, of course, he 'misspoke' - what he meant to say in Helsinki was that Putin was meddling in US elections, but instead said 'Sure, Vladimir is fucking me up the ass'.  You just can't make this stuff up  Then there's our shambles of a government.  Apparently leaderless, certainly rudderless as the UK faces the threat of being wrecked on the rocks of Brexit.  Not that the opposition is any better: the Lib Dems seemingly can't be bothered to turn up for crucial Brexit votes, while Labour, already mired in allegations of anti-Semitism is busily trying to redefine what constitutes anti-Semitism, presumably in such a way that it doesn't include hatred of the Jews.

Finally, they are running that bloody advert again.  You know, the one for KP peanuts where that bloke turns up at somebody's party with a baby elephant and proceeds to criticise their peanuts because they aren't KP, then, with his elephant, ransacks the house until they find the genuine KP nuts.  Which they then force the hosts to put them out for everyone to eat.  Look, if people are hiding their good peanuts from the guests, then there's a reason for that.  They probably don't like them.  Fair enough.  But I feel that it is extremely bad manners for any guest, let alone one with an elephant, to take it upon themselves to redistribute said nuts.  Who the fuck does he think he is, the rude bastard?  And why would anyone take an elephant to a party as a plus one?  In fact, was he even invited?  Certainly, the hosts don't seem to know him.  Does he just go around crashing random parties in search of KP peanuts?  I'll tell you now - if some fucker turned up at my party with an elephant, I'd tell him to fuck off - and take his elephant with him.  If you notice, he never takes his coat off, so he's clearly used to getting kicked out of parties for his peanut antics.  As he should be.  You know, that advert really gets on my tits.

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