Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Curse of ITV

It's the curse of ITV.  As soon as I saw that ITV were exercising their 'right' to show the second World Cup semi final, I knew that England were doomed.  They always perform badly when their World Cup matches are shown on ITV.  The statistics back it up: their win rate on ITV televised matches is something like 28%, compared to around 80% for matches shown on the BBC.  Just look at Russia 2018 - first two group matches, shown on the BBC, won them both.  The only group match they lost was the one against Belgium, which was shown by ITV.  Then there was the first knock out match - it went all the way to penalties because it was shown on the commercial channel.  By contrast, England breezed through the BBC screened quarter final.  It really is about time that the FA put its foot down and told ITV, 'NO'.  If England are ever to succeed in a World Cup, then ITV need to be banned from showing their games.

It would be no great loss - I mean, their coverage is dire, regardless of results.  Their entire presenting team of BBC cast off pundits and Roy fucking Keane need to be given their marching orders.  Especially Keane - if he wants to cover the World Cup as a pundit, do it on bloody RTE and don't darken these shores again, you miserable git.  'England are in the Semi Finals, but I'm still going to say they are shit'.  Yeah, fuck off Roy, it's closer to the trophy than you ever got.  As for their main presenters, we've gone from Adrian 'I'm being paid a shed load of money for this, but I've still got a face like a slapped arse' Chiles, to another BBC exile, Mark 'Where's my personality' Pougatch.  Give me Gary Lineker any day - at least he's played in a bloody World Cup Semi Final.  (Going back to Adrian Chiles, briefly, why do people keep paying him large sums of money to present TV programmes very badly?  He was dreadful doing that ITV breakfast programme and worse still presenting their football coverage.  The One Show was about his level: trivia masquerading as current affairs).  Really though, in the national interest, ITV must be kept away from any future tournaments featuring England. 

And that, I promise you, is the last time I'll mention the 2018 World Cup, which managed to draw me in, before cruelly dashing my hopes.  Well, for now, at least.



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