Thursday, July 05, 2018

Vegetable Cruelty

Whilst I've been engaging in football-related revelry here, other things have been going on in the real world.  But I'll come to the latest nerve agent business in the fullness of time.  Right now, I'd like to rant a bit about bloody vegans.  I remember when they used to be a joke, seen as cranks existing at the extreme edges of vegetarianism.  But now the bastards are everywhere, getting in your face and telling you that 'meat is murder'.  What sparked off my latest burst of outrage was an article in The Independent (you know, used to be a newspaper that nobody bought, now it is just a website that few people click on,) ostensibly about the latest shooting of a wild animal in Africa (this time a rare Giraffe) by a hunter who then proudly posts the photos of themselves posing with the body all over the internet.  But it quickly became obvious that it was merely a vegan propaganda piece.  Apparently, you aren't allowed to express outrage over the slaughter of wild animals by hunters if you eat meat because that makes you a hypocrite because, you know, 'meat is murder'.  For fuck's sake, you self righteous bastards, do fuck off! 

There is a world of difference between being unnecessarily cruel to animals by, for instance, hunting them purely for sport and killing them, as humanely as possible, for food.  I know that facts are alien to these sanctimonious arseholes, but the homo sapiens is an omnivorous species, meaning that meat always has been part of our diet.  Moreover, there is a whole class of animal, the carnivores, who exist by eating meat.  Do these pricks go around shouting 'meat is murder' at lions and tigers?  Do they force their pet cats and dogs into vegan diets?  Actually, some of them do try the latter, which is both cruel and potentially fatal.  So, clearly, animal welfare isn't really the vegans' priority.  I wouldn't mind, but why do they think that not eating meat or using animal products makes them so superior?  Have they seen the conditions vegetables are kept in?  Factory farmed, exposed to the elements and buried up to their roots all day.  Outrageous!  Moreover, don't they know that plants scream when they have their leaves or flowers pulled off?  Do they honestly believe that chopping up innocent vegetables and putting them in scalding water isn't cruel?  Vegan bastards!



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