Monday, July 09, 2018

The Heat is On

What a time to be alive!  England are in the World Cup semi finals, the UK is in the grip of a heatwave and two of the most despicable and incompetent members of the cabinet (and that's saying something), have had hissy fits over Brexit and resigned.  Really, though, if May had any real gumption as a Prime Minister, both David Davis and Boris Johnson should have been sacked long ago.  Davis for incompetence alone - his apparent inability to grasp even the most basic facts about the UK's EU membership was bad enough, but lying to parliament over the non-existent Brexit impact studies should have been the final straw.  But apparently not. As for Johnson, if generally being a buffoon and constantly embarrassing the UK in his role as Foreign Secretary wasn't sufficient grounds for dismissal, then his constant undermining of and lack of respect for the Prime Minister should have resulted in him being shown the door.  Sadly, though, we live in an age when the UK's main political parties have weak leaderships, apparently unable or unwilling to control potentially destructive elements of their parties, leaving a vacuum at the centre of British politics.  A vacuum in which opportunists and extremists like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg can flourish.

But hey, this is all getting too heavy.  I really don't want to talk about politics,  It's far too hot, for one thing. Not that I'm complaining about the heat.  I welcome it, I'd rather be sweltering than freezing.  I'm actually finding the heat much easier to handle this summer, which is probably because my blood pressure has dropped significantly.  I'm sweating far less and the high temperatures don't leave me feeling exhausted all the time.  I just don't understand these people who keep moaning about this protracted heatwave: surely this is the kind of Summer we've been complaining for years that we don't get in the UK.  Well folks, it's here at last, so enjoy it!  Who knows when we'll get another Summer like this?  (Actually, with global warming, it could be sooner than we think).   Yet there are people who keep on complaining about the heat.  These are probably the same people, though, who are prepared to spend significant amounts of money to spend two weeks every year in search of temperatures like these. Bizarre.  Obviously, there are some things I don't like about prolonged heatwaves: mainly the fact that they encourage over weight middle aged men to wander around shirtless, usually drinking beer from cans.  I really don't want to see their tattoos and beer bellies.  I also don't want to have to pay for the treatment on the NHS for their inevitable skin cancer in few years time.  For God's sake stay covered up, not just for decency's sake, but for your long term health, also.  Otherwise, long may the heatwave continue.

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