Thursday, March 01, 2018

First Day of Spring

Today was the first day of spring, although, as the above picture taken in my local park at about five o'clock this afternoon, shows, the weather has other ideas.  I have to confess that, ordinarily, I dread the arrival of snow, especially when it is as heavy as it has been over the past twenty four hours, (and continues to be).  It is absolute hell to work in, particularly if, like me, you are expected to spend a large part of your working day out on the road.  But, for the first time in years, being on sick leave, I don't have to try to work in this weather so can instead enjoy it.  Which I have been doing: I went for a wintry walk in the aforementioned park this afternoon and shot lots of video - if any of it usable, a film might eventually follow. 

It is fascinating how a layer of snow can transform an otherwise familiar scene: my park, for instance, was suddenly a winter wonderland, with kids using the slope by the football pitch to ride their sleds down.  (In my day, of course, we didn't have those plastic sleds they all seem to have now - we just used our mums' tea trays.  Or just a bit of cardboard  once those had been confiscated and returned to their proper place in the kitchen).  There's something about walking through the snow - especially while it is still powdery - when it is still snowing, that is curiously exhilarating.  I think I've seen too many films where mysterious figures walk out of a blizzard to save the day.  Not that anyone needed saving in the park today.  Even outside of the park, Crapchester was transformed, with near deserted roads (although, to be fair, they had been well gritted - the buses all seemed to be running), and large parts of the main shopping centre closing early.  Apparently the weather forecast for tomorrow is more of the same, so plenty more opportunities to enjoy the snow while it lasts.



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