Monday, February 12, 2018

Foreign Sex Aid?

Apparently, it's an outrage - not only is all that taxpayers' money we spend on foreign aid being given away to foreigners, but a big chunk of it is going to pay for prostitutes.  Or so I gather from from the screaming headlines of the right wing press.  It's all down to UK aid workers getting their endsaway in far flung poverty stricken places.  It seems that Oxfam expect hand relief in return for famine relief.  Well, some of their former aid workers, at least.  All of which has resulted in the government getting on its moral high horse and threatening to not work with Oxfam if their people don't stop using foreign prostitutes.  If only the same moral strictures were applied to Tory MPs.  Let's face it, we all know that all those recent sex scandals were just the tip of the iceberg and there are undoubtedly any number of cabinet members making regular appearances in Soho sex dungeons.  But it all gets covered up by the same press which are currently villifying Oxfam.

To get back to the issue in hand, I find the timing of this 'scandal' just a little bit too convenient, coming, as it does, at exactly the same time that we have the despicable Jacob Rees-Mogg and his bonkers Brexit band of bastards calling for foreign aid to be cut.  Now, bearing in mind that the amount we actually spend on foreign aid is a drop in the ocean, (particularly when compared to the amount we spend to prop up private companies in the form of tax breaks and quantitative easing), and the fact that it goes to the most poverty stricken people on the globe, such calls reveal those making them to be truly mean spirited.  Obviously, undermining the credibility of those agencies actually dispensing the aid might seem, to these bastards, an easier way to turn the public against the whole business of foreign aid.  My theory is that the bastards are organising groups of prostitutes who they fly to various disaster areas in the world, where they know that Oxfam  are operating: their mission being to tempt as many aid workers as possible.  Actually, bearing in mind that most of the current allegations seem to involve Oxfam's work in Haiti, I'm surprised that the UK press hasn't added necrophilia to their charges by claiming that zombie prostitutes were involved.   

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