Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Recovery Phase

OK, we got the politics out of the way yesterday, with my rant about the ludicrous and objectionable Jacob Rees Mogg, so I suppose today should be another update on the state of my health.  Actually, I don't want this to turn into one of those blog's chronicling someone's illness, (although there's not necessarily anything wrong with that), but it has been so long that I've been ill enough to take so much time off work that the experience is something of a novelty to me.  Indeed, I don't think that I've ever been signed off work by a doctor before.  Anyway, I'm currently signed off to the nineteenth, when I've my next doctor's appointment.  Regardless of any other developments, I was planning to take the rest of that week as leave any way, so it will be nearly March before I'm likely to be back at work.  If I bother going back, that is.  These past couple of weeks have brought home to me just how badly work related stress was affecting me - as the symptoms have faded, I've felt so much better, much more like myself.  Moreover, there's no doubt that the stress has been the root cause of the onset of type two diabetes and has contributed significantly to my dangerously raised blood pressure.

Clearly, I can't go back to subjecting myself to those levels of stress - it would quickly undo all of the progress of the past few weeks, health wise.  I have tried to put this to management, but they seem either unable or unwilling to grasp the threat to my health posed by current working practices.  As I've mentioned before, financially I'm in a position to walk away if needs be - I've accumulated sufficient savings to survive comfortably for the foreseeable future, so finding alternative employment isn't a prerequisite to leaving.  At the end of the day, this sick leave interregnum has brought home just how much I've come to detest my job: there's absolutely nothing about it that I've missed.  In the meantime, I've yet more tests to endure (these involve spending a day pissing into a bottle), a diabetes clinic and another set of pills for my blood pressure.  But hey, at least now I seem to be in the recovery phase: everyone is saying that I already look a lot better and there's no denying that I feel a lot better.  Nowhere near a hundred per cent, but a big improvement to the way I was feeling at the start of the year.  Hopefully, it will get a bit milder over the next  few days so that I can get outside more and do some more walking - it was so cold today that I seemed to end up spending most of the day in bed to keep warm.  I did, however, manage to catch up with some more schlock movies, so it wasn't time wasted.  I'm also hoping to start testing the waters over the coming weeks with regard to possible alternative employment, which, again, will be time well spent.



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