Monday, February 05, 2018

Utterly Unspeakable

I was heartened to see that my old alma mater is still a hotbed of left wing activism.  I refer, of course, to the recent confrontation between the unspeakable Jacob Rees Mogg and some protestors at the University of the West of England at Bristol (please note lazy media, this not the same as the University of Bristol) - or, as I knew it, Bristol Polytechnic.  Obviously, they were just horrible hard left thugs dedicated to suppressing free speech - or so the narrative in the right wing press goes.  Except that the only thuggery going wasn't being perpetrated by the 'masked' protestors - it was someone who was apparently part of the Rees Mogg entourage who was throwing punches at bystanders.  As for suppressing free speech, well, nobody was actually physically stopping Rees Mogg from spewing put his usual stream of ill informed hate.  Being barracked while you speak is part of British political tradition - just tune in to Prime Minister's Question Time if you don't believe me. Moreover, if anyone has been trying to suppress free speech of late, surely it is Mr Rees Mogg?  What other purpose is there to his ludicrous claims that there is a 'Treasury conspiracy' to undermine Brexit, than to try and discredit the department's recently leaked case studies which assess that any form of Brexit will economically damage the UK and discourage any one else from expressing such views?

But the fact is that Rees Mogg is jast another super wealthy hypocrite, who picks and chooses which 'values' are most convenient for him to support.  He claims to be a practising Roman Catholic who votes in the Commons according to his Christian values.  Which is why he opposes abortion and same sex marriages.  He also supports so called benefit 'reforms' which further disadvantage the poorest and most vulnerable in society - which 'Christian' values are guiding him here?  If he was a true Christian surely he'd be giving away his own not inconsiderable fortune to help the poor - doesn't he remember what Jesus said about rich men, camels and needles?  Rees Mogg might like to come on as if he is some kind of country gent from the nineteenth century, but the truth is that he is a rapacious capitalist in the modern mode, making his money from hedge funds and the like.  Perhaps even worse than Rees Mogg himself are all the horrible little right wing whingers who have crawled out of the woodwork on social media, whining about the UWE incident and those 'horrible leftist thugs'.  Curiously enough, despite their apparent concerns for free speech and civil liberties, I've never heard a peep out of them whenever we have the extreme right demonstrating and threatening very real violence against people.  Funny that.  Or maybe not - they are all probably too busy actually participating in those fascist rallies to complain about them.

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