Friday, February 09, 2018

Sedating Hate

I've never had any desire to visit South Africa, not even post-Apartheid.  I have a brother who has chosen to live there - he claims it was to achieve a better quality of life than he and his wife could in the UK.  That is, if your definition of 'quality' means having to live in a secure gated community and suffer droughts every year.  But, as I've often observed to friends, we do seem to get on better when we're living on different continents.  But, apart from that, there is one other thing to admire about South Africa, I've recently learned: their policy toward 'controversial' pseudo celebrities.  It seems that they silence their spewings forth of reactionary bile by tranquilising them.  I mean, what other explanation can there be for the despicable Katie Hopkins recent collapse there after receiving a massive dose of Ketamine, a horse tranquiliser.  Or is it a horse laxative?  I always get confused on that point.  Actually, the thought of gallons of steaming liquid shit puoring out of her arse instead of her mouth for once, is possibly even more satisfying than the idea of her being incapacitated for days by a powerful tranquiliser.

I know that she claimed that she was actually taking Ketamine because of some injury or other, but really, what kind of doctor would prescribe a veterinary tranquiliser as a pain killer?  No, it seems obvious to me that it was administered to her by the South African authorities in order to shut her up.  And who wouldn't want to silence the person who wrote newspaper articles describing refugees as 'vermin' and advocated machine gunning them rather than rescuing them from the Mediterranean?  'Free speech' as the likes of her like to invoke actually doesn't mean that you have the freedom to publicly invoke hatred.  You are entitled to hold such opinions, discuss them amongst your fascist mates in the pub, but you can't go around trying to disseminate them on an industrial scale,  There are actually laws about that in just about every democratic country in the world.  We can but hope that such a policy of tranquilising hate mongers might be adopted in the UK.  After all, surely using the 'liquid cosh' on the likes of Nigel Farage is preferable to enraged mobs beating them into submission?  Even if it wasn't made official policy, perhaps we could organise some kind of guerilla organisation, armed with blow pipes, ready to fire sedative-tipped darts at speakers at right-wing rallies?



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