Monday, June 13, 2011

Cyber Sex Attack?

So, is it any surprise that the IMF has suffered a so-called 'Cyber-attack'? It was surely only a matter of time before those silver bastards tried to take over our financial institutions. That said, having the Cybermen in control of such institutions as the IMF might not be an entirely bad thing. With their ruthless logic, they might ensure the globe's financial systems are properly regulated, and don't fall prey to the sorts of illogical scares which have afflicted them in the past. Mind you, the penalties inflicted on those who default on IMF loans might be a bit more severe than they used to be - total annihilation of the country in question, with all of its citizens forcibly converted into Cybermen. Mind you, they might then manage to run their finances in an entirely logical fashion. But enough of my obsession with Dr Who's second most popular adversaries - obviously, I'm deliberately misconstruing the term 'Cyber-attack'. Clearly, the IMF hasn't been invaded by a legion of large silver cyborgs, rather they've had their computers hacked.

But, as I said at the outset of this post, we really shouldn't be surprised by this development. Whilst others might speculate that this hacking has been carried out by a foreign power, or by anti-globalisation groups, or even terrorists, I have my own theories. Personally, I'm convinced that it was done by a group of international sex perverts. OK, I can hear you asking, just why would a bunch of sex perverts be trying to break into the IT systems of an international financial institution? A fair question. I believe they were after the vast electronic porn stash accumulated by the IMF's former head (and alleged rapist) Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Now, I know that there's no hard evidence that Strauss-Kahn actually had such a stash on his office PC, or anywhere else, but, if the allegations about his conduct in New York are true, the man's sex mad. It stands to reason he'd have lots of wanking material close to hand (so to speak). And let's face it, financially, he was in a position to put together a collection of the very best smut available. Indeed, he could afford to commission his own. Perhaps that's what was behind all the (alleged) shenanigans in his hotel room? Who knows?



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