Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Castaway Holocaust (Part Two)

As promised, here's the concluding part of the original version of what eventually became Castaway Apocalypse. The main difference between the two versions is one of structure. This early version presents the narrative in a more or less linear form, whereas the final version presents pretty much the same story from within a new character's framing narrative. This latter method allows the linear story to be broken down into a series of 'vignettes', which can be rearranged to as to bring the most 'vivid' episodes to the beginning of the story, to provide a 'hook' for readers. Enough analysis, on with the show:

However, the film-crew themselves eventually fell victim to the cult they had encouraged. At the Midsummer ceremony the cameras and sound equipment were dramatically seized by the priesthood and the crew taken captive. As Dabney shakily wields the camera, Chisolm is seen being stripped and bathed by the islanders. “They are washing me like a media whore!”, she is heard crying to the other crew members. Eventually she is tied naked to the wicker penis and burned alive, a sacrifice, Summerisle is heard to declare, to the god “Ratens”. The other crew members were then also thrown into the fire. There after the camera and sound equipment were placed on the cult’s high altar and became powerful objects of worship.

It was at first thought that the ritual penis burning was behind the reports of strange lights seen near the island by local fishermen. However, it later transpired that the islanders had been setting fires on the beach in order to lure passing ships onto the rocks. At least three vessels - including a freighter carrying an arms shipment to Iceland - are believed to have been wrecked and looted by the islanders, their surviving crew members taken prisoner and sacrificed and/or eaten. After the rescue party was met with armed resistance, the BBC was forced to call in the military, and the island was shelled by the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Lincoln, reducing the buildings to smoking ruins and causing many casualties. The survivors are currently being held in prison in Arbroath, awaiting trial on charges of piracy.

Nevertheless, the fate of Summerisle and his high priests remains a mystery. They are neither among the captives, nor were their bodies found on the island. The authorities in Scotland have warned the public to immediately report any sightings of heavily bearded, paint daubed men wearing false wooden penises and stinking of sheep shit, to the Police. If encountered these men should not, under any circumstances, be approached. Some doubt has been cast upon the veracity of the footage from Site Two - a tribe of cannibals from New Guinea who have seen the video tapes have claimed that it looks faked. Nevertheless, the BBC plans to screen the Castaway Apocalypse series in the Autumn.



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