Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year, New Sleaze

Well, I did eventually go out on New Year's Eve for a drink, and didn't get to bed until four in the morning. I really am getting far too old for this shit. Anyway, now that I've finally recovered, it's time to look to my plans for The Sleaze in 2011. Clearly, the first priority is to get some new material posted, and I'm currently working on this - there should be a new story posted in the next few days. In the longer term, I'm still looking to shift the site from static to dynamic pages, with Wordpress still the preferred platform. However, after spending a great deal of time over the past few days looking at various Wordpress themes, I've come to the conclusion that the overwhelming majority of existing themes are just too dull for words - they all seem to have been designed by people who have no idea as to what a web site might actually be used for. Of course, I could simply try to adapt one of these themes, but, to be frank, creating my own theme from scratch would be quicker. Consequently, my current plan is to try and adapt my current templates into a Wordpress theme.

Obviously, this could be somewhat time consuming so, in the interim, I'll probably be tweaking the static pages somewhat, to tidy up the layouts, improve the fonts and create a better banner. The ultimate aim of switching to dynamic pages is, of course, to make The Sleaze easier to maintain which, in turn, will give me more time to work on new stories. What these new stories will actually be, remains to be seen. Whilst I already have plenty of ideas, I have no doubt that, as happened last year, various events in the real world will take me off in completely unexpected directions. In addition to continuing to implement improvements to The Sleaze, I also have other ambitions for 2011. I still intend to unmask the 'West Country Stalker', for instance. This individual still hasn't come forward voluntarily, and hasn't been as active over the festive period. But they'll be back, I'm sure of that. And I'll be waiting for them...

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