Monday, December 27, 2010

The Other Side of Christmas

Here we are, on the other side of Christmas. We're in those strange, apparently aimless, days between Christmas and New Year. Personally, I always enjoy this period - lots of long lazy afternoons stretched out on the sofa, drinking brandy, watching DVDs or reading favourite books. However, I apparently shouldn't be enjoying myself, as I'm doing all these things on my own. According to the local news today, (desperate to fill even the meagre five minute bulletin they had), 'nobody should be on their own at Christmas'. Every year I have to put up with this bollocks, (if it isn't at Christmas, it's during those awful programmes ushering in the New Year where, as Big Ben chimes midnight, the presenter patronisingly makes some comment about, 'all those of you at home on your own', as if we're sad, friendless, bastards).

Now, I know that the story in question was about lonely pensioners, it was still making a sweeping generalisation. Many of us, regardless of our age, actually like being on our own at this time of year. Actually, some of us simply like being on our own at any time of year. Bearing in mind that the festive season is the time of year that the most relationships founder, spending several days in close quarters with family at such a stressful time is not a good idea. As far as I'm concerned, Christmas represents the one time of year when I'm entirely selfish, and refuse to allow the rest of the world to make any demands on my time. I always feel a Hell of a lot better for it, too. So, back to the beer, sausage rolls and DVDs.

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