Friday, December 17, 2010

Lacking the Seasonal Spirit

I was hoping that my cold would have assuaged enough by today that I'd be able to make a less ill-tempered post than the last one. Sadly, despite an early improvement, this evening it seems to have relapsed. Which really pisses me off as I was looking forward to sitting down with a beer in front of the TV tonight, which is now difficult thanks to the combination of coughing fits and generally feeling shit. I'm not sure whether it's the cold warping my perceptions, but it doesn't even feel like Christmas at the moment. Of course, the fact that my local municipal Christmas lights this year are particularly shite, probably isn't helping. Damn it, even Benny Hill's home town has better Christmas lights than us!

Mind you, I was reminded the other day that Christmas has always been a bit disappointing. For some reason best known only to myself, I recently found myself watching one of those digital TV channels that shows pop videos continuously. They had one of those 'Top Ten' programmes on - in this case Noddy Holder's Top Ten Christmas Videos. Jesus, most of those old time Christmas hits we so warmly remember really were crap, weren't they? Boney M - awful. Cliff Richard - despicable. Is it any wonder that these days the only festive pop classics they ever seem to play are Slade (Noddy's number one video, not surprisingly), Wizzard and John Lennon? They're about the only three it's still possible to listen to without being filled with an overwhelming desire to jump off of a bridge. But I suppose we should be thankful - nowadays the best we get are piss poor covers by X-Factor contestants. Even Johnny bloody Mathis was preferable to that sort of shit.

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