Thursday, December 02, 2010

White Hell

You've probably noticed that I haven't mentioned this hellish weather we've been enduring for the past few days. There's a very good reason for this - I believe that we should deny this weather the oxygen of publicity. If we keep on allowing it to dictate the news agenda it will just encourage the bloody stuff, and it will keep on coming back to disrupt our lives. Ignore it, and the snow might just go away. Sadly, the rest of the media still hasn't adopted this stance, and once again, the weather dominates our news media. The trouble is that beyond telling us that it has snowed, (which I can see from looking out of my window), and that this has caused lots of disruption, there really isn't much else that can be said about the situation. But that doesn't stop the news devoting what seems like of hours of coverage to reporters standing in the snow, telling us that it is snowing.

Why can't they learn from the dark days of the trouble in Northern Ireland, when there was a ban on the media directly reporting the words of suspected terrorists and their alleged sympathisers. Instead we got footage of the likes of Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams giving public addresses, whilst their words were read out over it by an actor. They could do something similar with the snow. Whenever they report on it, instead of the reporter's words being accompanied by pictures of blocked roads and closed schools, there should be shots of sunny tropical beaches. Believe me, this Siberian weather would soon think twice about coming here if it didn't get itself pictured all over the news. I mean, it was a really effective tactic against the IRA, wasn't it? Brought them to their knees overnight.

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