Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board

Well, looks like I'll have to think of a new Plan B. I did the calculation today for the pay-off I'd get if I took voluntary redundancy, (sorry, participated in the 'Voluntary Early Release Scheme'). Sadly, despite more than a decade's service, it would still be pretty poor. That said, it was highly unlikely that even if I had applied, it would have been accepted. Apparently, I'm classified as 'front line staff'. Which begs the question, of course, if I'm that bloody important, why am I paid so shittily and frequently treated like dirt by my employer? Anyway, getting back to the possibility of redundancy - why, you might ask, would I be exploring such a course of action? Well, as is pretty evident from my above comments, I'm heartily sick and tired of my present job. However, like most people, I'm simply not in a strong enough financial position to just walk out. If I was to get a decent enough pay off though, it would be a different kettle of fish altogether.

Several options would be open to me: on the one hand, I'd have sufficient funds to live for two or three years whilst I found another full-time job (at my age it could easily take that long), on the other hand I could pay off the bulk of my mortgage, reducing my outgoings and opening the possibility of either taking a lower-paid job, or working part-time. Alternatively, (and this was my preferred option), with a decent redundancy pay out in the bank, I could finally try to use my teaching qualification to actually get into the teaching profession by signing up to an agency and trying to get some work as a supply lecturer. The uncertain income streams involved in supply teaching have, in the past, made this a non-option for a mortgage payer like me. However, as I said, with money in the bank, it suddenly becomes a possibility, and a possible path into full-time teaching. But, as I've already indicated, the kind of money on offer just isn't adequate for me to be able to put this particular Plan B into effect. So, I guess it's back to the drawing board.



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