Monday, June 21, 2010

The Longest Day

I was going to go down to Stonehenge this morning, to celebrate the Summer solstice with all those nutters dressed as druids. But, having seen Doctor Who on Saturday, I decided to give it a miss - I was afraid that I might get into a ruck with a Cyberman or something. Actually, that would have been a great headline, wouldn't it? 'Police helpless as Druids battle Cybermen in solstice mass brawl'. Even better would have been if the Daleks had broken it up. With people apparently increasingly ill-informed and willing to accept what they see on TV as real, I suppose we should all feel relieved that nobody tried digging up the site to uncover the 'Pandorica' and release the Doctor, so that he can stop the universe from collapsing. I'm not going to speculate on how things are going to pan out in next Saturday's series finale of Doctor Who, other than to say that as 'time can be written' has been a persistent theme of this series, I think we might just see time being rewritten by the Doctor. Oh, and that extra staircase in Amy's house and the unexplained rogue timeship from 'The Lodger', (which was accessed via a fake staircase in Craig's house), must surely figure in it all somewhere. That and the duck pond which perplexed the Doctor back in the first episode.

Anyway, getting back to the Summer Solstice, today is, of course, the longest day of the year. Meaning that it's all downhill from here! Winter beckons already! Slightly more optimistically, the fact that it is the longest day does at least mean that definitely must be Summer by now. Officially. Which means I really should get off my backside and do something to enjoy the season. The trouble with trying to get out and enjoy the fine weather is that every other bugger is doing the same thing. Trying to find somewhere to go where nobody else is likely to disrupt your peace and quiet is getting increasingly difficult. Toward the end of last Summer I came perilously close to smacking some snot-nosed little bastards of children round the ear when they were running around a local beauty spot, ruining everyone else's day. Needless to say, their parents just stood and looked on as they ran riot. Indeed, one was so concerned at his offspring's lack of manners, he spent the whole time engaged in conversation on his mobile. But enough of me being misanthropic! At least the school's haven't broke up for Summer yet, so it is still possible to at least avoid having to put up with other people's children for a couple of weeks yet!



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