Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doc Sleaze's Rant Round Up

I can't deny that I got quite excited when it was announced that, later in the bulletin, the local weather girl would be showing her vuvuzela, but as it turned out, she was just blowing the sports reporter's horn. So, how has the World Cup been for you, so far? I can't deny that, after all the hype and build up, I just can't work up any enthusiam for any of it. Not even the England matches. Besides, Capello clearly got it wrong against the USA. He should have tried to psych them out - change the shirt sponsor to BP and the mascot to an oil drenched pelican. Talking of BP, whilst I don't usually have any time for rapacious multi-national corporations, I'm almost beginning to feel sorry for BP over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. They've been very successful, (in the UK press, at least), in portraying themselves as the victims in this. There's no doubt that the Obama administration's heavy handed handling of the situation has helped them. But, despite the fact that the 'B' in 'BP' stands for 'British', we shouldn't lose track of the fact that they are a multi national conglomerate that doesn't care about national boundaries or identities, just profits. Trust me, they don't give a toss about the likes of you and me, regardless of whether we're British, American, Chinese or Eskimo.

As you've probably gathered, I'm short of a post today, so I'm just rambling. Actually, what was planned as today's post has ended up as the latest editorial over at The Sleaze. So, I've decided to get a few things off of my chest, instead. The extent to which people are such horrible bastards never ceases to fascinate me. Reading the comments on a BBC politcal blog about the findings of the Saville Report into Bloody Sunday is a case in point. I was dismayed, (although not altogether surprised), to find them dominated by the usual bile-spouting morons. It really was depressing the number of cretins coming out with the tired old line of 'can we expect an enquiry into IRA attacks on the mainland now, eh?'. For fuck's sake, we don't need enquiries into things like the Aldershot barracks bombing. We know that they were perpetrated by terrorists targeting innocent victims. They've been investigated as criminal acts and, where possible, the perpetrators have been held to account. We expect terrorists to murder innocent victims. That's what they do. We don't, however, expect professional soldiers to gun down unarmed civilians on a peace march. Which is what happened on Bloody Sunday. The fact that it was covered up is why we needed an enquiry. But hell, in the present climate, where it is an act of treason to criticise 'our brave boys' in the Army, I suppose I shouldn't expect any other reaction. Perhaps most depressing were the morons who crassly questioned whether the enquiry was worth the money it cost. For Christ's sake, I didn't think you could set a value on justice. Ultimately, I'm left wondering just how these people can operate in the real world when they are apparently so full of poison? Like I said, people really are horrible bastards!

(This is a reconstruction of the post I originally wrote, but which Blogger succeeded in losing, despite claiming to be saving it automatically. Blogger really is a piece of useless shit).

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