Friday, May 28, 2010

Celebrity Sex Addiction (Part Three)

In a highly innovative move, Reltney even seeks to recycle the sexual energies released by patients in his clinic. During therapy he collects this energy in “orgone accumulators” (originally devised by Wilhelm Reich), which are subsequently used to help celebrities suffering abnormally low sex-drives, or even impotency. However, his approach is not supported by all sex-therapists - Professor Juan Popazogalou, a fellow follower of Reich, believes that his colleague is betraying their mentor’s fundamental principals: “When the rich and famous cannot control their libidos the capitalist world calls it sex addiction, when it is the ordinary worker, they are labelled perverts. Reltney’s approach is typical of the exploitative western approach to sexual therapy - treat only those rich enough to pay!” This, the Professor believes, simply serves to reinforce existing sexual repression along traditional economic and class lines, noting that incidences of impotence, premature ejaculation and frigidity are far commoner amongst the economically deprived than the well-off.

“Sexual activity can only be a satisfying and pleasurable activity for the privileged elite, for the proletariat it is merely a crude act leading to procreation”, he opined. “For the ruling classes pictures of naked women and depictions of sex are labelled high art, when served up to the masses they are coarsened and cheapened into mere pornography!” Popazogalou adds: “For the sex addict the sexual act has become a mechanical, competitive act, divorced from passion and emotion, where only quantity matters. Only by releasing the patient from their social, economic, political and personal sexual inhibitions via psychotherapy, can the syndrome be treated”. He is also scornful of Reltney’s “sexual recycling” initiative. “He simply sells this excess sexual energy to other rich and privileged fools”, he told us. “Instead, he should be giving it away to the poor and underprivileged, in order to effect a true redistribution of sexual energy - only this will enable all, regardless of class, to fully enjoy the benefits of orgasm!”

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