Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebrity Sex Addiction (Part One)

Michael Douglas, Robbie Williams, Charles Hawtry, - all of these men have, at one time or another, been described in the press as “sex addicts”. But just what is this alleged affliction? Is it a genuine disorder, causing real distress and requiring expensive treatment, or is it merely a convenient excuse for libidinous celebrities to justify their increasingly empty sexual excesses? Dr Tom Reltney, Director of the 'Downshires' Sex Clinic, firmly believes that sex addiction is a very real, and very serious, problem. “People may like to laugh about it”, he says. “But its a very serious matter for the sufferers. If they fail to regularly satisfy their sexual urges, they can suffer serious physical damage, including ruptured testicles, grossly inflamed penises and even severe internal bleeding and muscular strains, as they try to hold in dangerously high levels of sexual energy!”

In severe cases the damage can become permanent. “President Franklin D. Roosevelt ended up confined to a wheelchair as a result of his sexual urges being repressed”, Reltney reveals. “His wife Eleanor was either unwilling or unable to satisfy his gargantuan sexual appetites, but worse than that, she prevented him from finding other physical releases for it. Consequently, FDR tried to divert his sexual energies into other avenues, taking the US into World War Two in 1941. But even that wasn’t enough, and he finally succumbed to his affliction in 1945!” However, the very act of satisfying their urges can also prove harmful to the sufferer. “Over-indulgence can result in extreme exhaustion, premature ageing and even death”, warns Reltney. “Take the case of Errol Flynn, he never held back from relieving his inherent erotic tension. Consequently, by the age of fifty he had literally shagged himself to death! On the night he died, his partner had become too physically spent to satisfy him, so Flynn indulged in a marathon twelve hour masturbation session - its been said that by the end he was ejaculating blood from his flaccid penis!”

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