Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Left Speechless

Sadly, normal service isn't quite resumed. With all my problems with the cable operator that I had last week, I decided to accelerate my plans to switch my phone, broadband and TV away from them. The logical first step was to reactivate the BT phone line I had and transfer the number over, as a first step to transferring my broadband from cable to ADSL. Now, BT assured me that it would all be done today - the only glitch would be if the cable people didn't release the phone number promptly. Guess what? Yeah, that's right - I get up today to find that I have no phone service at all - the cable people have cut me off and the BT line is still dead. Suspecting that the number hadn't been released, I decided to try and contact BT. One problem - no phone. I ended up wasting a lot of time finding a BT public call box which worked, then spent an age on the phone to them.

It transpired that the number had been switched, but that there'd been a problem at the exchange. Don't worry, they said, you'll have the line up and running in a couple of days. For fuck's sake! Couldn't they have checked to see if there'd be a problem before transferring the number and therefore depriving me of the old number? The best bit came when they told me they'd contact me to let me know how it was progressing. How? Apparently they had a mobile number for me - bloody amazing as I don't have a mobile phone, which is why it is vital that the land line is working. Don't worry, I told them, I'll make sure not to have any unforeseen medical emergencies or accidents until they install the line... Really, this isn't a good start to my relationship with BT, making me suspect that I've simply jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

On a more positive note, I've finally got a new story - the much delayed Evils of Religion - posted on The Sleaze. For some reason , this one has been a bugger to get written, going through several false starts and major revisions. It still isn't really what I wanted, but a new story was needed urgently. With traffic to the site dying on its arse for no apparent reason, I need to do something. Hopefully, this one is offensive enough to generate some traffic. Still, at least this is the last story of Issue 46. I really won't be sorry to see the back of that one - it seemed interminable, with stories posted very erratically and wildly fluctuating traffic. Hopefully Issue 47 will be a happier experience. Luckily, I've got the first couple of stories for the next issue worked out - they'll both be derived from posts here at Sleaze Diary (unless something else crops up in the news to inspire me). The next main hurdle to get over is a new editorial - I really haven't got a fucking clue what I'm going to rant about this time. Anyway, enough of my whining - maybe I'll finally be able to get back to posting properly tomorrow. You never know.

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