Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cranberry Sauce!

At long last I've been noticed! Not by the mainstream media or the Nobel literature prize committee, you understand. But by something far more important: the 60IF message board. This is the heart of the whackiest of all the online 'Paul is Dead' communities. These people are the absolute creme de la creme of the Beatles conspiracy world. Regular readers (and it is rumoured that there might be a few) will know that it was the rantings of this community which provided the original inspiration for my first foray into the world of McCartney madness - I Buried Paul. Anyway, much to my delight, its members have at last discovered this and The Devil and Paul McCartney, and have devoted a thread to them! Cue more insane discussions as they attempt to ascertain whether there's any truth in the stories (clue: just try clicking on the link to The Sleaze home page and read the strap line: "Incredible Lies Today - Still Bollocks Tomorrow"). The final post in the thread seems in indicate a degree of terrible realisation:

"This is ****ing stupid, have some self respect!"

Actually, to be fair, I strongly suspect that the board member who posted the stories to 60IF is actually some kind of piss-taking infiltrator, deliberately trying to test their credulity. I only wish that I'd thought of doing it!
Aside from this belated recognition of my contributions to the field, the 60IF boards seem, currently, to be moving in some interesting directions, with much speculation about other celebrity replacements. It seems that just about everybody famous you've ever heard of has been replaced. At least nine times, in the case of Bob Dylan. The coincidence of them 'discovering' my stories right at the same time that The Sleaze is headlining a story satirising conspiracy theories is incredibly post-modern (actually, it probably isn't. I have to confess that I've never really understood what the fuck postmodernism is all about, but I've been wanting to use the phrase for ages). It is fascinating watching them go through the conspiracy-forming process described in The Big Conspiracy, as they try and make the facts fit their whacked out world view with regard to celebrity doppelgangers. The bottom line is that it is all pure satirical gold and raw material for yet another future story...

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