Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Unfortunately, thanks to my shitty cable supplier's broadband service failing (according to their Indian based tech support, the fault must be at my end, and they can't send an engineer to seal with the non-existent modem problem until the middle of next week! So I'm expected to continue paying for a vital service I can't get, when, as I know from experience, the problem lies at their end. Of, and if I'm not in when the engineer calls, they'll charge me £10. Fuck off, incompetent wankers), I can't make the post I wanted to today. I'm stuck with an extremely slow dial-up connection which is both expensive and unreliable. So, I shall confine myself to some boring admin matters. Namely comment posting on this blog. Up until now I've trusted visitors to be responsible with their comments. Hence, no moderation and allowing anonymous posts. Unfortunately, it seems that some people seem incapable of playing nicely. So, as of now, comments are moderated and can only be made by blogger members.

I'm sorry to have to do this, but one recent post garnered a number of comments which weren't directly related to it, instead being the continuation of an argument between third parties unconnected either with this blog or The Sleaze. To add insult to injury, something in the formatting of one of these comments has seriously buggered p my layouts. Consequently, the offending comments have been removed. In future, only comments directly relevant to a post will be approved. This is not a forum for general debate. Like I said, if you can't play nicely, then I'm not going to let you play at all.



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