Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Radio Ga Ga

It is a pity I'm so publicity shy - it seems I could have had yet another opportunity to get on air, this time on a local BBC radio station. At least that's where this latest e-mail requesting further details of one of my stories would have me believe. However, as it originated from a Yahoo mail account, I have severe doubts as to its authenticity. As far as I'm aware, all BBC employees have official corporation e-mail addresses. Anyway, for your delectation, here it is:

hi my name is xxxxxx xxxxxx from bbc xxxxxx radio.
on your website(
www.thesleaz.co.uk), i read issue 45 titled 'saints alive' which relates to a show we are doing on sunday about individuals/ organisations who do not agree with churc's taking money donations, especially television church programmes.
i wanted to trace the writer of the article in order to request a radio or studio interview with them on the show the this sunday.
i look very forward to a reply.
thank you

Clearly, I must have another site I edit in my sleep, as I don't ever recall running The Sleaz. As with all these other requests, I would have thought that the story in question (Saints Alive) is self evidently satire - the bit where a choirboy-groping priest is canonized as St John-Thomas the Priapic, patron saint of sex offenders, is surely the giveaway.

Of course, many will point to my failure to capitalise upon this opportunity as further evidence that I'm just not taking this satire business seriously enough. If I wasn't such an amateur, I'd have scammed my way onto the air waves and continued the satire. I daresay they're right. I know that many other satire site owners would be wetting their pants at the opportunities with the media that I've passed up but, frankly, I've got better things to do with my time than trying to prove my intellectual superiority by misleading the gullible. That's the difference - I'm not deluding myself into believing that this is some kind of 'career' and that what pays the bills is just something I'm doing until I get that 'big break'. Sadly, real life just ain't like that!

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