Sunday, February 18, 2007

Law Unto Themselves...

Apparently solicitors in my part of the world went on 'strike' for two days last week in protest at changes to the rules on Legal Aid. I wonder if anybody noticed? To be perfectly frank, I can't really say that I know much about these latest changes to entitlement to Legal Aid, but I'd guess that they'll make it more difficult for solicitors to line their pockets with public money. Not that I have a low opinion of the legal 'profession'. No, my opinion of them is rock bottom. The majority of legal practitioners I have the misfortune to deal with are, at best, idiots, at worst, incompetent idiots. What makes them particularly objectionable is the air of smug superiority that most of them affect.

Anyway, getting back to this strike: according to the local rag defendants due to appear at the magistrates' court were worried about their lack of representation. One of them was quoted as saying that he was up on charges of assault and, although he was pleading guilty, felt that he needed a solicitor to properly put his mitigating circumstances to the bench. Mitigating circumstances? What would they be: that you are a cretin? Or that your victim looked at you the wrong way? I suppose if you look at it that way you might need legal representation. However, the fact of the matter is, judging by what I've seen of our local solicitors, you'd be much better off without legal representation. All those arseholes would succeed in doing would be to get you a longer sentence. Trust me, you are better off without these bloodsuckers.

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