Thursday, January 09, 2020

Strange Followings

Thank God I only work four days a week these days - I couldn't do a fifth this week.  Going back to work after a break is always Hell, but it is much worse when it is post Christmas at the start of the year.  After the festivities January can feel pretty bleak.  The weather is usually shitty as well, (although this week the temperatures have been relatively mild).  But on top of all that, this week has been ridiculously hectic. Not particularly productive, but very hectic.  See, despite my resolution to focus on more meaningful postings here, already we're back to trivia.  Actually, I think I've done pretty well since the beginning of the year in terms of raising the quality of posts here.  But there should always be a place for the trivial and inconsequential.  Such as the fact that someone followed me on Twitter last week.  Now, there's nothing unusual in that, you are doubtless thinking.  But here's the thing - the notification came up that this person was following me back.  That's right - as if I had already followed them.  Except that I hadn't - I hadn't followed anyone new in an age.  Pretty weird shit, eh?  The thing is though, that when I checked the 'Following' bit of my Twitter account - there he was!  This, despite the fact that I know I hadn't followed this guy.

The funny thing is, though, that his profile does seem the sort that I would follow.  He's into giallo movies and has a podcast related to them.  Spookiest of all, this guy's profile name is derived from a seventies giallo - one that I had watched only hours before I saw the follow notification!  Weird, or what?  Is there a rational explanation for it all?  Probably.  I'm guessing that the profile must have appeared on that 'Who to Follow' panel you get on Twitter and that, somehow, I inadvertently clicked on it without realising.  Probably when I was trying to click of its 'refresh' link.  Regardless of how it has happened,  I've let my follow of him stand.  To be honest, it isn't the first time something like this has happened with my Twitter account.  Some years ago, when I first had my Nokia Lumia phone and before I'd got the hang of its screen lock, it somehow managed to open the Twitter app and like a Tweet by someone I didn't follow and whose timeline I had never looked at, all while in my pocket.  Of course, I had to 'unlike' it when I realised what had happened, which must have seemed strange to the Tweet's owner, but there you are.  Modern technology, eh?  I still use that phone although, ny mobile phone standards apparently, it is considered ancient.  But hey, I like it and it still works.  That said, it is a Windows phone and Microsoft have now discontinued support - I can't replace apps that fail as the app store is now closed.  So, reluctantly, I'm going to have to get a new phone somewhen this year.  Anyway, there you go - my first rambling and inconsequential post of the year - decade, in fact.  It felt good!



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