Monday, December 30, 2019

Today Must be Monday

Christmas continues.  I really am beginning to lose track of what day of the week it is - today, apparently, is Monday.  For the first time in living memory, I'm beginning to feel listless during this interregnum between Christmas and New Year.   Days of doing nothing but lie in bed or on the sofa reading or watching TV are beginning to wear thin.  That said, I still ended up spending a large part of today in bed, reading one of those old Eagle annuals I bought before Christmas.  I really do need to start being more active.  Actually, I did do something today: I repeated my trick from a couple of years ago of nearly burning the house down while incinerating some old papers in the garden.  The problem is that the incinerator really is more fun to use with the lid off: the flames are higher and everything burns more quickly.  On the other hand, it does mean that even modest gusts of wind result in bits of blazing paper blowing everywhere, even into the kitchen through the open back door.  The incineration of the old paperwork is part of my clear out plans, which seem to have been progressing extremely slowly for months now.

Perhaps they will speed up with the New Year.  I somehow doubt it.  But it is that time of year again when we're all supposed to be making resolutions and vowing fresh starts.  It's all in vain.  Nobody ever sticks to them.  Nevertheless, it is the time of year when we are inundated, via the media, with all manner of uplifting advice for improving our lives.  Apparently the secret of success is to be the 'best version of yourself you can'.  Whatever the fuck that means.  But hey, it isn't just the end of year this time, but the end of a decade, as well.  Which means that not only will we have to spend the next few days putting up with those futile retrospectives of the past year, but of the entire decade.  I do so hate them - they are thing I dread most about this time of year.  They are simply a way for lazy journalists and TV programme makers to fill up column inches and broadcast hours without actually putting in any effort.  I don't need to be told what happened over the past twelve months, I know what happened - I lived through it at the time.  Yeah, I know, I'm moaning again.  But like I said, it is nearly the end of the year, so I think I'm entitled to at least one last ill-tempered post before it is over!



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