Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Charlatans, Political Pyramid Schemes and Death Cults

Some self-styled political leaders are, to me, such obvious charlatans, that I'm always left wondering why it is that so many people are apparently so easily taken in by them.  Take Nigel Farage.  Please, take him.  Someone.  Anyone. Just take him away.  Leaving aside all the patent bollocks he peddles about being 'one of us' and standing against the 'elites', (this from a privately educated former banker), just look at his current political vehicle, the Brexit Party.  Except that 'Party' isn't really an accurate description of it - it is more like a pyramid scheme with Farage at the pinnacle.  Now, just about all political parties charge fees to join and continue to levy subscriptions from their members, but in return for this contribution members get some access to the policy making process: the opportunity to attend conferences, vote on policy proposals and in leadership elections.  In the Brexit Party, however, your entry fee gives you no such privileges.  This 'party' is run more like a business, with Farage as chief excxutive, making all the decisions.  Even more bizarrely, if you want to be a parliamentary candidate for the Brexit 'Party', then you have to pay them a fee.  A non-refundable fee, as it turns out.  As you might recall, Farage recently made the unilteral decision not to oppose sitting Tory MPs at the forthcoming election, effectively withdrawing the his own party's candidates in those constituencies.  Now, you might think that, under such circumstances, the right thing to do would be to refund the stood down candidates their money.  But no.  Farage refused point blank to do so.  As I said, a charlatan.

But if the Brexit Party is a pyramid scheme fronted by a charlatan, does that make the Tory Party a death cult headed by a false messiah?  I mean, the obsession with Brexit (which sounds a lot like 'Exit', the pro-euthanasia pressure group) and repeated slogans like 'Get Brexit Done' (which sounds like the sort of thing you get people to chant as part of brainwashing sessions), are surely clues to the true nature of the party under Johnson.  Their election campaign seems geared to convincing people that going through with the hardest Brexit possible will somehow be good for them, even though the opposite is true - it is like encouraging disturbed and vulnerable teenagers to self harm.  But that's the thing, for a long time now the Tory Party has been about convincing people to vote against their own best interests.  How else to explain the re-election of Cameron - with a majority - after five years of economic austerity which left the majority of those voting for the Tories worse off?  But under the false Messiah that is Boris Johnson, it has become much worse.  He spends all his time mumbling barely coherent answers in the few interviews he gives, while spinning the electorate promises of some kind of post-Brexit heaven,  All based upon patent lies.  Then there's the timing of this election: just before Christmas.  Why was Boris so keen on a December date?  Could it be that the bastards aren't just planning to kill the economy with Brexit, but the entire population?  They get back in power, promise us milk, honey and Brexit, let us enjoy Christmas, then - POW!  They get us to drink the Kool Aid laced with poison.  Or maybe they are planning to poison our Christmas turkeys.  Who knows with these death cultist Tory bastards?

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