Tuesday, November 19, 2019

National Death Service

The other day I saw the government asserting that the reason for the latest crisis in the NHS, with A and E targets not being met and the like, is down to there being 'too much demand'.  Apparently, an unexpected cold snap, (although I'm not sure why anyone would be surprised to find November cold), has contributed to unexpected levels of illness and injury, leaving the NHS unable to cope.  It's an interesting concept, the idea that a public healthcare service should be subjected to the rigours of simple demand and supply economics.  As I recall from my brief study of economics, (I gave it up after the foundation year of my degree, in favour of history and politics), the solution to excessive demand for a product or service is to choke it off, usually by raising the price.  Obviously, the NHS doesn't have that option, (although, give the likes of Boris Johnson a few years in power and you never know), so how else could it 'choke off' demand when it becomes 'excessive'?  By denying the really sick adequate treatment, parking them on trolleys in corridors for hours on end without being seen by medical staff.  You know the sort of thing.  Of course, right now this is happening due to a lack of resources which is, itself, the result of under funding.

But what if this was a deliberate policy on the part of successive Tory governments, not to undermine the NHS for political reasons, but rather to turn it into an instrument of euthanasia for the lower classes?  After all, those most likely to use the NHS, especially during hard winters, are the poor, the infirm and the elderly.  All of whom, it could be argued, are a drain on society.  Damn it, most of them are probably claiming benefits as well.  So by culling them via the NHS, the government could save a whole shit load of money in terms of benefits, pensions and ongoing healthcare costs.  Moreover, if they vote at all, these people are also more likely to vote Labour, so the Tories would be denuding the opposition's vote as an added bonus.  Because, let's face it, the sort of people who vote Tory can afford private health care, have private pensions and never have to rely on benefits.  So, there you have it, I'd argue that what e're seeing is a repurposing of our National Health Service into a National Death Service.  Damn it, they've been using the media to normalise the idea that people routinely die when treated in NHS hospitals for years, so that people accept the higher mortality rates.  I mean, why else do you think that patients in TV hospital dramas suffer such a high attrition rate?  If we are to believe the likes of Holby City, then even going into hospital with an ingrowing toe nail could easily prove fatal.  When is Jeremy Corbyn going to start calling the Tories out on this, that's what I want to know.



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