Monday, November 25, 2019

Stalked by Jeremy Corbyn

I feel like I'm being stalked by a political party.  Some years ago I made a modest financial contribution to the Labour Party, thereby becoming a registered supporter.  Consequently, I've received all manner of emails from them about policy initiatives, campaigns and fund-raising drives.  But since the announcement of a general election, they've doubled down.  Hardly a day goes by without me receiving emails from Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and even Diane Abbot.  OK, I know that these are all part of a mass mailing campaign and identical emails go out to thousands of party members and supporters, but - until it became a daily event during this election - I still got a bit of a kick out of seeing an email from the Leader of the Opposition in my inbox.  While these sorts of things usually steadily climb to a crescendo, starting with communications from local party functionaries and culminating in getting an email from the leader himself, this has gone the other way.  I started by getting the emails from Corbyn and have now worked down to daily communications from the local Labour branch trying to persuade me to help the local candidate campaign in Crapchester.

Somehow, I don't see myself going out knocking on doors on behalf of the Labour Party.  It would feel to much like the day job, where I already spend far too much time having to deal with people on their doorsteps.  Which experience already tells me that most people in Crapchester most likely would be highly unreceptive to having people knocking on their doors asking for their vote. I strongly suspect that many of them are probably unaware even that there is a general election going on, such are the levels of political apathy I encounter.  But maybe I'm being too cynical.  Perhaps they are all geared up to vote, just waiting for that knock on the door from a candidate who can convince them that they are worthy of their vote.  Then again, maybe they are all being bombarded with emails from the candidates - election campaigns increasingly seem to be fought entirely online and through the media, with little evidence of actual, physical, campaigning on the ground.  But to return to the original point, while it is very nice of Jeremy Corbyn to keep emailing me, especially bearing in mind the fact is that I originally became a registered supporter so that I could vote against him in a leadership election.  Nice to know that he doesn't hold grudges.

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