Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mad, or Not Mad?

So, the question is  - is Noel Edmonds actually mad, or just a dick?  The question popped back into my mind recently after learning of his most recent tirades against various fellow celebrities, most notably Rachel Riley, who he seemed fixated on, for their participation on Lloyds' Bank's ongoing mental health campaign.  This is the bank, of course, which Edmonds is currently embroiled in some kind of legal case with.  So, ostensibly, his tirades are about castigating celebrities from making money from an institution he claims still owes him money.  Except tat they don't get paid for this campaign because it is for a charity and is about promoting a better public understanding of mental health issues.  Bearing in mind that, in the past Edmonds has claimed that cancer is caused by a 'negative attitude' and that he cured his own prostrate cancer with 'positive thinking', could it be that his real beef with the Lloyds campaign is that it is trying to remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues?  Could it be that he thinks that mental illnesses are simply a form of 'negative attitude' and, therefore, self inflicted?  Who knows?

But Noel certainly likes his 'positive thinking'.  I remember reading the article Jon Ronson wrote after spending some time behind the scenes at Deal, or No Deal -  Edmonds came across as something of a weirdo with his belief in 'cosmic ordering', which he claimed had turned his life around.  'Cosmic ordering' is an extreme form of 'positive thinking' which involves 'asking the Cosmos' to give you what you need.  In practice, the only mechanism involved seems to be writing down your wishes and waiting for them to come true.  In other words, it is no different from the kind of wish fulfillment fantasies believed in by most young children.  But Noel is really into it.  Which, surely, is grounds enough to question his sanity.  Especially when you remember his frequent delusions of grandeur - who could forget how irate and indignant he became when one critic had the audacity to describe that show he did on Sky as being merely an entertainment show?  Then there were his attempts to turn Noel's House Party into some kind of live attraction with his failed Mr Blobby Land (or whatever it was called) amusement park?  Not only did it fail, but he also murdered that elephant to get it set up.  That's right, I'm saying that Noel Edmonds murdered an elephant.  If you recall, one of the things that had to be closed and demolished to make way for his failed amusement park was a local zoo.  While all of the other animals were relocated, there was one elephant foe which no new home could be found.  So it was put down.  That elephant's blood is on Noel Edmond's hands.  As far as I'm concerned, he's an elephant killer.  And if that isn't a sign of craziness, I don't know what is.

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